For the purpose of these breed standards we are concerned only with that portion of horses produced or shown by conscientious breeders to meet the stringent demands of excellence in type and conformation leading to the expectation of judging standards. These horses, the best of their kind, are INDIANS DIPLOMATS of the Marwari breed, which represent the absolute showcase in the public eye, and from which we must expect the very highest degree of excellence.

The Marwari type as described in the BREED STANDARD SECTION that follows is the standard to which all breeders must strive. This is the horse our successful breeders will choose to enter their breeding herd and perpetuate the breed at its ultimate best.

In the increasing competition of today's horse show, there is little room for deviation from this type, either by the breeders who selects his show-stallion or mare or by the judge who evaluates the Marwari against the standard.

There is but one standard of perfection for the Marwari horse although variation of type within the breed will be taken into consideration, as well as the mental attitude and natural aptitude of each and every individual animal