Breed Standards of Kathiawadi Horse

The Kathiawadi Horse are the original saddle horse of the Kathiawadi province in the state of Gujarat in India.The Kathiawadi horses are of medium height and sturdy with a track record of its bravery and loyalty in battle.The Kathiawadi Horse are well known for its alertness, faithfulness and ‘Raval gait’ which are special features of this breed. Features of Kathiawadi breed are very similar to that of Arabian Horse.The Kathiawadi breed had been evolved by breeding the indigenous stock with the world famous “Arab” Stallions. Some states of old Kathiawad province took special interest and care in the development of this breed and due to their continous efforts, present shape of Kathiawadi breed had been developed. Lifestyle of the people of Saurashtra region is closely associated with Kuctch, Sindh & Arbastan. Even today, Kathiawadi Royal and elite families in Saurashtra have preserved the decorative of the horses.

The breeding tract of the Saurashtra province of Gujarat which comprises of Junagadh,Porbander,Amreli,Rajkot and Surendranagar districts of Gujarat.The best breeding area is Panchal in the heart of region including Chotila, Palihad, Anandpur Bhimota and Jasdan.All the requirements of successful horse breeding area found in Panchal area,which has favourable soil for hoof formation,hilly tracts for muscle development running streams of pure water nourshing grasses and a hot and dry climate.Depending upon the different breeding tract Kathiawadi breed have total 36 sub-types Malya, Changi, Harni, Tanjan, Norali, Lakhi, Atari etc. Kathiawadi horses are strong,slim ,comparatively symmetrical, smart and active.These horses are faithful to their masters.If need they do not hesitate to attack on enemies.


The Major characterstics of breed are as under.

Small and concave or dished (profile)

Large (toad like) skilled set on the sides of a broad forehead

Forehead:  Broad

Very small line narrow and of the shape of sting of a scorpion and when  cocked and pricked the tips of the ears touch or nearly touched also rotates 180.


Large and typical rounded outward flare,healthy coloured & soft

Neek,Shoulders & Withers:

1. Neck -        Crested and stout
2. Shoulders  - Well slopping
3. Withers -     Prominent


1. Back -    Short
2. Body -  Short coupled


1. Quarter -   Strong & well developed almost  Square
2. Tail -       Set high

Fore legs:   Long

Hind legs:   Hocks well laid down.

Feet/Hoof & Sole:

1. Feet -  Wall, very dense
2. Hoof - Round & sufficient large.
3. Sole -  Concave, hard & many animals
Have double sole with healthy frog.


1. Coat -   Shining & very refined
2. Hair- Fine
3. Skin- Smooth
5. Mane Tail- Long but very bushy

Colour & Markings: 

Gray of all types (iron gray,dappled gray,flea beaten gary etc.)Dun, with dorsal band or eel mark from wither to tail having sometimes Zebra markings on the fore legs.Dun is very prominent colour in Kathiawadi horse,there is also yellow Dun and blue Dun,Chestnut,Bay and skew balled found in Kathiawadi horses.Black is the colour not found in Kathiawadi horses.In fact all the colour of Kathiawadi horses vary through Dun.

*Typical twelve inherited features (Bab) of Kathiawadi horses:

A.Long features

2.Metacarpal region of forelimb (i.e knee to fetlock)
3.Body lenth
4. Mains (Hair belt of cervical region)

B.Short features

2. Legs (Fetlock region)
3. Back(for keeping luggage)
4. Mouth

C. Broad features

1. Chest
2. Back
3. Forehead
4. Hoof

Thirty two special qualities considered as good quality of Kathiawadi horse:

A. Long

1.Hairs of forehead

B. Elevated


C. Short

1.Hairs of tail
2.Hairs of body
3.External genitalia
4.Hairs of fetlock


3.Dorsal part of Neck

E. Arun Colour

4.External genitalia

F. Minute(Short)

2.Back(Lumbar region)

G. Half Circualar (crescent)


H. Lean (without fat)

1. Mouth
2. Ribs
3. Palate
4. Stifle region

*An average values of measurements of different body parts of Kathiawadi horse:

1. Circumference of mouth  : 18”
2 .Distance between two eyes : 6”
3 .Distance between lip to poll  : 16”
4. Distance between poll to forehead : 6”
5. Distance between two ears : 3”
6. Length of ears : 3”
7 .Distance between eye to ear : 5”
8 .Distance between eye to jawa : 6”
9. Height of horse : 58”
10. Chest circumference  : 63"
11. Length of horse  : 60”

Cluster of hairs (“Bhamri”) found on different body parts are also considered by the people at the time of selection.On the basis of types, direction (clockwise or anticlockwise) and location of clusters  of hairs, people judge the horse as good or bad.Scientifically we do not consider these clusters as good or bad sign of horse.